3. Learning Green Skills

Learning to anticipate the Fundamentals of Life is essential to accelerate sustainable development

Learning is about curriculum, the "what" we learn. Awareness, insights, knowledge, skills and values on personal and group level. But learning is also expressing what you consider meaningfull for the future. The latter is the anthropological perspective on learning and shows the power of curriculum - in other words the program to develop knowledge, skills and values - as an expression of importance.

  • We have to become aware of the world we live in.
  • We have to understand how the world works.
  • We have to gain insight and grow our knowledge to transform our societies.
  • We have to adopt new skills that stimulate diversity, that balances reciprocity and anticipates temporality (and uncertainty).
  • We have to find collective values that enable us to cooperate openly and decisively

Three steps to Learning Green Skills

  1. express the need for learning green skills
  2. develop an ambition based curriculum
  3. organise the formal and informal learning