4. HR & Adoption

HR as the business partner for sustainability and change

HR: Organisational adoption of sustainability

Learning within organisation is considered a task of the HR department. HR follows the business strategy and recruits and develops learning instruments accordingly. In some organisations HR is a real business partner in others it is seen as an administrative unit. In order to adopt sustainability the business should consider it's people - the workforce - as conditional to adopt sustainability into its primary processes. Weather there is a powerful HR department or not. Without engagement, education, activation and ways to improve the learning results sustainability will only be the note on the website.

5 Important steps towards adoption

15 years of research into sustainable learning strategies tells you that there are 5 crucial elements to enable adoption:

1. Leadership that not only reveals the ambition but puts their money where their mouth is. And of course lives up to the standards which it aspires.

2. Engage your workforce with the ambition, co-create and communicate the why, how, what and relevance for daily practice

3. Educate your workforce to enable them to adopt levels of awareness, knowledge, skills, values and attitude

4. Catalogue your initiatives and projects, use them for engagement, education but also enable participation on the project across the organisation

5. Assess and measure learning and activation results, and visualise the fysical impact of the progress you made together